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Lightbulb June Break Compromise/Suggestion!

Here is my suggestion, feel free to shoot a hole in it but I think it's kinda cool.

1. We use the champions east/midwest edition case as the June break. ($900) 12 hits

2. We still need 2 more hits to give us an even 14. Since BO doesnt sell single boxes of the east/midwest historic autographs, we could do either 2 boxes of historic autographs new york edition ($160) or 2 boxes of Tier One ($190)

3. We buy 3 boxes of Museum Collection for both breaks and pack them out as weekly prizes. That gives each break 6 weeks of prizes. ($345) per group break.

Each group now has weekly prizes for 6 weeks. Each group has 14 hits which will be drafted based on the monthly standings and random. Total for each break: $1435 (Tier one + East/Midwest case) - $80 from base sales = $1355.

We still stay around $100 per person for June plus we have weekly prizes for 6 weeks.

Also for Houdini's sake the drafting, sorting, shipping, would go much faster and smoother with less hits, inserts to go through.
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