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Default 2011 Leaf Poker Live 4 Case Break

Last chance to get a tourney redemption for the WSOP Bracelet, here we go!

Case #044/250

Boxes 1-4

Diamonds - Having completed my Clubs set, minus Doyle and Johnny, I decided to put one of these together and save for a rainy day....

Annie Duke #04/10 - still hate that only hers are stickers Hellmuth #11/25, Jason Mercier - $5

Heart Sebok /20 $10

Pocket pairs Duke/Matusow #16/25 - $20

Stacked Deck - Qc Obrestad and Gavin Smith, Jc Moneymaker, 8h Lindgren - Love the subset, just wish players were smart enough to sign the Face cards in the borders, like Phil Hellmuth and others do.

Ok start, the diamonds were needed for my PC
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