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Originally Posted by Imac7065 View Post
What I don't think you understand was the split payment was in response to your request to a gift payment. If you had responded that you had no interest in that (which from your perspective I would fully understand, and believe I said in the message) I would have done the 640.. It was my "last ditched" attempt to get you what you wanted, while getting what I wanted at the same time.

I wouldn't have had an issue doing the 640 (or even 650 as i have told you before) if you had responded to me.

And by the way.. you knew I was taking the rest of the lot as a favor to you... and that I had only wanted the original 4 items for $450 (which is a very very fair offer)... if I was going out of my way to do something like that for you.. shouldn't the same favor have been returned to me?

Patience is a virtue.. especially in business.

If we had communicated better this thread wouldn't exist.. you would have had your price.. and wouldn't be stuck with a single item you probably don't even want right now.

Sure I should have just said yes to the 640 number.. so what? You are going to blow a deal over something that trivial? If you had responded the deal was done.

All this is stupid and moot though.. the immaturity in this thread has gone over board (me included).

Then you should have just said yes to the $640. Obviously it wasn't trivial to him. This is why I hate selling on here sometimes. He had a price and even lowered it a bit but you still wanted to haggle. I can't stand it when people haggle. It's tiresome and just makes me want to move on. You hadn't agreed on a price, you were haggling. That is not agreeing.

Just move on and stop letting people bait you into giving what seems like crazy responses.
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