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I am a grown ass man who spends his life supporting a dying father, a mother who has chron's disease... and raises a 12 year old sister that I am a defacto father to.

I sell cards to make enough money to put myself through college (have never been given a dime for it) and help pay my parents bills.

You sir... are a scumbag
Originally Posted by Imac7065 View Post
not that it matters but I do this to help my dying parents with their bills and pay my own way through school.. it IS a business for me. That probably explains why I get so offended when I am called cheap.
Can you clarify?? Hopefully, you aren't trying to play the woe is me card, because that is just sick, but if your story is true, then I wish you the best with your family, but is it your father or both parents that is dying??
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