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Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
Can you clarify?? Hopefully, you aren't trying to play the woe is me card, because that is just sick, but if your story is true, then I wish you the best with your family, but is it your father or both parents that is dying??
I try not to talk about it but you asked...

My father has suffered from strokes since 2001.. he has since developed Diabetes, Lupas (a blood disease) and has 4 confirmed brain anuryms...

My mother has chron's disease and just today was diasnosed with a stomach tear and new large bleeding ulser

meanwhile I am the defacto parent to my sister (12) who is biologically my cousin.. we adopted her when she was 5 weeks old. My parents try but I am more or less the head of the household.

My mother recently asked me to take power of attorney over her, my father, and become the legal guardian of my sister.. I am not sure if I will do it.. but it was asked of me.

I will not answer any further questions about this.. period.
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