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Originally Posted by Imac7065 View Post
this comment is really starting to piss me off buddy. I pay stronger than any dealer on here (I try to make 10% while others 30% or more)... and this is why I keep responding as well...

Insinuating I am cheap, did anything wrong here, or trying "nickel and dime" this guy is literally like calling a black man the N word to me. If we were in person I don't think you would have the balls to say that to my face. Internet tough guy

I have really tried to stay out of this thread, but I can't resist any longer. No deal is done until both parties agree to a price & payment is made. The OP who claims to "pay strong" posted in my Archives cases break thread & inquired about some cards. Citing previous eBay sales, he offered me $300 for the following 2 cards.

George Brett Printing Plate 1/1
Hank Aaron Favorites Auto

I declined & replied with links showing the Aaron alone going for $500+, He didn't even bother to respond to that PM.

FWIW - I sold the Brett for $100 on eBay within hours of listing it & I just sold the Aaron for $450 a little bit ago.
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