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Originally Posted by Imac7065 View Post
You are leaving out the link of the $275 sale I provided to you.. and the countless HOF printing plates in the $30-50 range I showed you. When you sent me those links I knew there was no way you would make a deal.. so I didn't waste either of our times.

I use terapeak.. not eBay for pricing.. sales within 4 days do not show on terapeak.. this is why I only saw the $275 sale.

So you tell me.. is offering $300 on cards that look to sell for 275 and 50 fair? That is what I was basing my offer on.
What's funny is I can't find any 2012 Archives Aaron autos that sold for $275 in the last 30 days. ( I found 1 for $350) Like I said in my PM, it's easy to find the cheapest one that sold and lowball from there. As far as this thread goes, you are just making yourself look foolish by continuing to post in it. Just let it go.
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