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I find it odd that you are calling a member out for this. And then you want to bash a feedback I have?

Looks to me like you are a previous scammer from a different industry. Looks like since you fizzled out with car parts, you wanted to come try Blowout.

8 negatives out of 95 feedback? All for not responding to PMs and not shipping items???

Club RSX Message Board - iTrader - srt42004n

How about where you got called out here for stealing $200?

DO NOT buy from srt42004n!!! - .:. The K Series Source . Honda / Acura K20a k24a Engine Forum

You got a lot of nerve accusing me of stealing scans and such, you got quite the colorful history yourself. I dont care if posting this gets me suspended, members here need to be cautious dealing with a previous scammer.
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