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Originally Posted by palmdesertcards View Post
I find it odd that you are calling a member out for this. And then you want to bash a feedback I have?

Looks to me like you are a previous scammer from a different industry. Looks like since you fizzled out with car parts, you wanted to come try Blowout.

8 negatives out of 95 feedback? All for not responding to PMs and not shipping items???

Club RSX Message Board - iTrader - srt42004n

How about where you got called out here for stealing $200?

DO NOT buy from srt42004n!!! - .:. The K Series Source . Honda / Acura K20a k24a Engine Forum

You got a lot of nerve accusing me of stealing scans and such, you got quite the colorful history yourself. I dont care if posting this gets me suspended, members here need to be cautious dealing with a previous scammer.
Wow impressive finds there. OP has been posted here before thats for sure, but people yet again refuse to leave him negative feedback after they bitch and moan. An outsider looking in would think a guy with 92 positives and 100% feedback would be a good one. Prime example why leaving feedback properly matters.
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