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Originally Posted by kajshack View Post
I am ashamed to admit that I contributed to this. I did a deal with the op on some cheap autos back on 3/20. On 3/30 I still hadn't received the cards, so I pm'd the OP and asked for the tracking number. He told me he'd have to check and asked for my name. I told him my name and didn't hear back that night as promised. I pm'd the next evening and was again asked for my name and told he'd get right back to me. I replied with my name again and didn't hear back again. I sent another PM that night and finally got a tracking number that was generated on 3/30 - ten days after I paid. The two cards I bought were placed in the same penny sleeve and toploader.

I didn't make a big deal about it and chose to just not leave feedback at all, but that attitude completely defeats the point of the feedback system.
First time im hearing of this I appoligize what cards did i sell you?

Originally Posted by TrueIrishFan616 View Post
I have to say I contributed also. I'm so used to SCF's policy of "posting deals" that I didnt think I had a right to leave a negative feedback, nor did I feel one was needed with our deal. He sold me a few Michael Floyd cards when Press Pass first came out. I paid, and waited a few days. I messaged him asking if he had shipped yet, and he responded shortly after with "I lost your cards, so I'll just refund your money." He refunded right away without any issues what so ever. So, I know a few of you would've left a negative for that, but....I didnt feel it was required because he was quick with his communication. Hopefully stuff will get worked out with all of you guys.
bro your confused i never sold u any Floyds... I agreed to sell you some press pass autos u asked for my paypal and didnt pay for over 24 hrs so they got sold to the next in line then u paid aftwr he did it was a fball quicksale.

I think its funny that Palm has so much time to go digging to locate my past. Congrats my old ebay name was b18turboteg go check it out got some negs on there as well for selling tshirts and then i used rsxman2010, prob more as well atleast i can post my stuff i dont see anything about u so who is hiding what? I am still an active member on that forum there were 95+ and 7 negs it was a rough month and alot of car parts get shipped overseas so a few weeks is normal to some areas. It was almost 4 years ago... Again what is your point why dont u post where i got scammed for a $3900 check? Post it all not parts

This thread was created like the last one by me for a purpose i think its funny everyone has something to chime in about scams when all i was doing was bringing attention to this seller. Maybe u should read the scam post on it was made up by a member from crsx ur such a smart guy but u dont read anything so quick to bash users atleast ive always used my own pictures when selling an item Palm. Why dont u send me ur phone # and we can discuss ur sudden obsession with me i doubt u will bc ur a coward who hides behind his comp like a coward does. Put up or shut Palm man up or climb back under ur rock quit chiming in with your conspiracy chatter all you have is that i took 6 days to ship an Eric Hosmer TC auto... How does that have anything to do with 17 days to ship?

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