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I knew you would try and go back to me stealing scans. SHOW PROOF! I just showed proof of you being a scammer, SO PUT UP OR SHUT UP? You said you were going to lay out your case in a thread about this, still waiting jackwagon! There is nothing to post about me, because I have nothing to hide and I dont steal like you.

Your time here is up, good bye! How about you shoot ME your phone number, I would be glad to call you a scammer on the phone as well. You want to tell me i steal scans off ebay on the phone too?


It took all but 5 seconds to google your name so see your history. And now everyone else can see as well. Will be waiting on proof of the accusation of stealing scans.... Thats what I thought tough guy, you dont have jack because I got a scanner right on my desk. Im not hiding, I am right in the heart of Palm Desert, CA and you are more than welcome to come say this to my face at any point, will be waiting.

Your feedback says it all, you screwed a ton of people over. But because someone screwed YOU its ok right? Well thats a thing called Karma, you screwed people and then YOU got taken. You are the coward buddy, at least I dont steal car parts for crappy little rice rockets.

Bottom line, you picked a fight that you can't win. You want to accuse me of stealing scans and being a crappy seller? The proof is out there on who is a loser and who isnt. Keep hitting google hard trying to find something on me, wont happen.

Our members need to be protected from losers like yourself. Will forward all this proof of you being a scammer to the mods, maybe they can toss you out of here, we dont want or need you here.

I will only respond to you again when the proof of my selling practices you say are backed up with proof.

Again, how does this have to do with a "bad month"

March 2010 Horrible packaging and Dead cd player
August 2009 Very hard to get ahold of, slow shipping time and poor packaging.
July 2009 recieved part destroyed and then seller stopped responding to pm's to solve issu
May 2009 Never shipped item and ignored all PM's and emails
Jan 2009 IGNOR pm & e-mailI. paid $ 250 a month ago
September 2008 Item Never Arrived; No Refund; Poor Communication

Thats more than a bad month. Try again

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