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Originally Posted by rip+flip View Post
I have had one what I would call loaded case and they rest have been average. Case 8 was good but case 9 yeah thats just how the product can be. Love the Jim Kyle though. I have 2 cases coming this afternoon wish me luck !

I love busting this product and its hard to lose money if you bust multiple cases !
I agree, you're not going to make a lot of money ripping these cases, but you shouldn't lose either if you bust multiple cases. I think the only way you can lose money is if you list all the sketches at auction starting at $0.99. With a little patience, you can sell a lot of the pencil sketches for at least $10, but if you start them at $0.99 there's a 50/50 chance they will sell for $5 or less. What I've been happy about is how popular the gold parallels have been, you usually get 10 per case and can lower the case price by $25 by selling them off.

I have 3 more cases that I bought last weekend while they were $10 off from the current price, and in the first case pulled a nice Cat Staggs sketch of Ahsoka. So that makes 1 Katie Cook, 2 Jim Kyle, 3 Cat Staggs, and 1 Gary Kezele through 10 cases, hopefully the last 2 cases are decent. Good luck on your cases!

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