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Originally Posted by rip+flip View Post
i have opened 4 cases so far before these 2 im about to open, and i have about broke even maybe even made a little $ and i have started all of my sketch card auctions at .99 cents lol but thanks for the tip I will have to do BIN or at least start the bid higher on these 2 cases.
Well, it's just a theory on my part, so maybe starting at 99 cents isn't that bad... and if you need to sell off what you pulled for the money to buy your next case, you gotta do it. Luckily I have no problem waiting a month until the next time ebay runs their free auctions, then I run them with a starting bid of what I want to sell it for. From my first 5 cases, I have sold half the sketches, and the majority sell the first or second time I list them. What I've found surprising is that I am having an easier time selling off the $10-20 sketches, and the better ones I have to relist more times. So maybe I need to start the better sketches at 99 cents... I just hate the chance that they might sell for lower than I want.
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