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Originally Posted by golfinglegend67 View Post
I was under the impression that they were suspended for using a type of synthetic marijuana but i could be wrong.

They got busted for either K2 or Spice, forget which one it was.

I find it highly hilarious that in the WWE you can smoke weed, which is FEDERALLY ILLEGAL...and you just get a minor fine for each offense.

But you smoke the fake stuff, which is only "illegal" in about 10states or so...and you get a "wellness violation" and suspension

yeah..i see where priorities lie within that company lmao

It has also been brought up that Cody Rhodes had recently tested positive for a banned substance but was able to provide a legit prescription from a licensed physician.

Theres also word that another "top" WWE star is facing the same situation and WILL be facing a suspension if a valid prescription cant be word on who, or how long they have been given yet though.
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