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Originally Posted by Srt42004n View Post
Yup perfect english typed it out on my iphone just missed some letters a tad furious that this guy has the balls to blast me and the other day before he had me suspended for 3 days bc he is a cry baby i posted his ebay id and practices but he didnt offer to pay up then just tired of certain group of users who walk on water around here even when confronted...sry had three days of built up pOstings to make and coincidentaly today the palm thread is locked when im un banned for messaging him and let the record show i asked palm for his contact info which he refused and reported me to mods and i got suspended 3 days for trying to get him off my back

Friend, if you took time to make sentences and not walls of text with no punctuation maybe that would carry weight.

Guys this isn't the thread to go back and forth with each other. 99 percent of the time I wouldn't care and probably get involved myself but this thread is for the hobby and to help identify who to watch out for. Start arguing and the thread could get shut down.
Your thread won't do much good simply because it will entertain a lot of 1-sided views and comments and accusations relating to people whom cannot address or defend themselves.

Personally, I consider a "single out everyone" thread harmful.

The major issue is similar to the Blocked ebayers list. It is a 1-sided accusation on MANY occasions. Usually someone who got handled with a neg and retaliated then figured they would come here and "get even". More often than not what is said is skewed and barely truth.
This happened yesterday. A member accused someone of being a bad ebayer,for leaving unnecessary feedback and wished to gain favor by airing his complaint.
However the truth of the matter was the DC was no good due to the item not being shipped for 2 weeks,hence the buyer assuming the seller was scamming him. The seller then purchased an item from the buyers ebay store and then issued a threat/ultimatum that if he was left feedback of the neg version,he would do the same.

This is the kind of crap you are going to get in a thread like this. Like the above,that guy has no idea and if people jump on the posters train, may lose business because of his fairy tale.

Take the Palmdesert issue. The NPB was closed and ebay found for the other member and palm was not going to pay until the member found out whom he was here,then called him out. Embarassed, palm paid up and is now playing the role of the sad,penitent and sorrowful member who made a mistake...which he has done on ebay numerous times.

So...when I say these threads have the potential to do more harm than good, I am not just "guessing".

I do agree that info on known scammers, known in the hobby in general, not just by some "random dude/member" or by hearsay, should be posted and made available so people can be on the look out for similarities.

Then again, your missing another issue that can land you in legal water
Let me point out 2 law points to you posting someone's personal info

Course of conduct

Take time to read your state laws on both of those terms,what constitutes both to be applied and what the penalties are.

See, to "warn others" by posting a persons personal info can also be seen as harassment by the person in question
Doing this to more than 1 person will be viewed as a course of conduct and therefore a pattern of illegal behavior.

Right now it is only a misdemeanor in most states,but eventually with identity theft being as big as it is, I foresee it becoming a felony in all.


Good luck with your topic, your heart is in the right place I just think your head didn't make it here.
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