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Default FDR / Hitler 2012 Leaf Oval Office Dual Cut Auto FS

Hello ya'll,

I pulled this card pack in April and its been sitting in a lock box ever since. I've been in some informal talks on moving it but haven't actually ironed out a deal yet. I figured I'd list it on here and see if there is any interest. I am thinking of bringing it up to Nationals (if its not already sold) as well or sending it to an auction house. Really nice piece of history and really adds a new meaning to "1/1"

After speaking with a bunch of people about this piece, I am asking for $16,000 OBO...emphasis on OBO. I love to negotiate but please be realistic if you are truly interested.

I admit I normally don't do trading/buying on forums but have a 100% Positive rating on EBAY and a bunch of youtube members can vouch for me, if that means anything (I host a lot of group breaks on Blog) Let me know if you're interested, thanks!
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