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Exclamation penny1fan : beware if dealing with!

I was randomly browsing the boards yesterday and saw that penny1fan had a thread with some cards for sale. Two I was interested in were two Dennis Rodman Exquisite Quad Jerseys. I made him an offer for the cards, and he wrote back:

"ok deal man ill do that $75 for ya paypal is ******** when you pay i will mark them as sold!"

I said thanks!, he says: "ok thanks man these will go out monday or tuesday!"

Then today I get a PM and he says:

"hey man that other guy really wants these cards because he collects Rodman and was bummed out that i sold them.He offered me $90 for them since he is a rodman collector and has been looking for these cards for quite sometime he said.The $90 obviously is a better price for me haha.Just wanted your blessing on this?I will refund you your $75 rightnow,Let me know how you feel about it

I wrote back saying that we had a deal, and he should send me the cards. If the other party wants them THAT bad, they can contact me..but a deal is a deal and ours was completed.

He writes back:

"Hey paul i am not 1 to back out of deals man i think i have even sold to you in the past!But i could really use the extra money and being a player collector like myself i feel better selling them to him and he paid me $100 for them.You basically told me a deal is a deal and to have him look you up meaning you would just flip them out from under me when i could get more money and send them to a good home (Rodman collector) I hope you can forgive me and not bash me or my feedback because this is not how i typically do business as everyone knows that i am a member on all of the boards and never have has an issue.Sorry once again but $25 is a huge help considering i got ousted $500 last week.Please forgive me man - refund is being sent rightnow

Then we had a few more PM's back and forth, where I gave him the opportunity to make it right with me by offering something else in exchange, or KEEPING his deal with me. He refused to cooperate, and even now just threatened me saying many people know him, and to watch out if I bash his name.

So, to summarize, we had a deal, then he worked a deal with another guy which made him $25 more, so he sold to that guy and refunded my payment.

He said he will defend his name, but that's the story.

Just wanted to share this with you guys here, I would NOT recommend dealing with this guy (kid?)
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