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Originally Posted by penny1fan View Post
guilty as charged.. both members contacted me at the same time,i didnt intentially inflate prices nor start a private auction when i mentioned i sold them to the OP the Rodman collector got really bummed out and offered much more money and i really need the extra money rightnow! these cards are going to a Dennis Rodman collector aswell and not a flipper.I apologize and admit that it wasnt the most moral thing to do and have never backed out on a deal.I am not a kid and i have sold to you before sir and we never had an issue then now did we? please don't talk down to me and treat me with some respect please.I am a well known member acrossed all of the forums so those who choose to cast judgement feel free.I will be a standup guy while not making any excuses.I need the extra money and feel better about selling them to the Rodman collector and not a flipper.I myself is a player collector and know the feeling to want a card (s) really bad and not have to get inflated prices by flippers.Once again i am sorry for choosing to go this route
If you weren't known on the boards before, you will be now. That was a dirty move and I am sure if the "pc guy" offered $100 and a flipper offered $125 we know who you would sell them too. Bottom line is you got greedy.
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