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Originally Posted by p.thomaston View Post
C'mon Ryan, you know what the seller did was wrong. The same thing Army did to Guru on the redemption. Fact is the card should be in the mail and instead the seller backed out of the deal. Nothing respectable about that at all. It amazes me how many people "need money so bad" these days. If you can't afford to pay your bills sell your collection and live your life. This should be an enjoyable hobby.

I even told pennyfan1 that his reputation will be tarnished like army guy or whatever his name was. I just can't believe people here are bringing up the 'value' as justification?!

If $25 means THAT much, maybe you shouldn' t be collecting cards in this hobby? Or maybe sell some of your PC if you have to? Don't make excuses to try to save face here...
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