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Originally Posted by penny1fan View Post
you seem to understand this situation the way i did.I know what i did wasnt the most moral or correct thing to do and i am not making any excuses some of you who on the other forums may have seen where i got ousted $500 just this past week may understand why i need the extra money.I don't think i mentioned it on this board though ..but like i said i am not seeking sympathy nor making excuses.What i did may offend people and start a mob mentality against me and i am sorry you guys all feel this way.Like i said i don't do business this way but chose to do so this time and if shall be damned in your eyes than so be it..i am sorry
This is so incoherent.

-So you don't do business this way, but this time you did.
-You aren't making excuses, but you go on to talk about how you got "ousted" (whatever that means) for $500, so you need the money.
-You aren't seeking sympathy, but again, you bring up your misfortune as a rationalization for stealing from the OP.

Your situation has no bearing on the fact that you had a deal. That extra money is the OP's, and you're going to keep it.

You deserve all the piling on you get IMO, and have shown your true colors. You are ready for the pitchforks, but the pitchforks are entirely justified. Your "side" is 100% in the wrong. It's not even debatable.
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