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Originally Posted by p.thomaston View Post
C'mon Ryan, you know what the seller did was wrong. The same thing Army did to Guru on the redemption. Fact is the card should be in the mail and instead the seller backed out of the deal. Nothing respectable about that at all. It amazes me how many people "need money so bad" these days. If you can't afford to pay your bills sell your collection and live your life. This should be an enjoyable hobby.
Your absolutely right. Never said I respected penny1fan at all.

But he did know he would get bashed and lose some if not all future buyers for the extra $25. Maybe he is selling his whole collection?

He did refund him though and was ready for this, the mob mentality the OP is clearly meaning to start here is what I don't like.... If "penny" needed money this bad and was gonna ruin his name, he could have scammed OP for the $75 and got the same treatment is he is getting right now. That's not right, he didnt scam him.

I never said I agree with what "penny" did by any means, just like you said the hobby is SUPPOSED to be fun. Theads like this just bring negativity of all kinds......
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