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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
I guess that's what both you, and pennyfan1 don't see here.


You are both reverting to the 'its only $25' etc etc

It's the morals ... it's bad business, poor ethics/etc.

By anyone saying 'he needed the $25 more' that is B S.

So I'll sell a card on eBay for $10, and then a guy emails me saying he'll give me $100. So it's *OK* for me to sell to the guy for $100 because *I NEED THE EXTRA $90 MORE THAN THE GUY WHO BOUGHT IT FOR $10 ORIGINALLY"

....yeah...that makes sense! Same situation here! It really boggles my mind that you can justify this at ALL. Plus, your original post was quoted, although you edited it for some reason?
trust me paul you may not do that but many in this hobby would..easier said than done.This hobby can be pretty cruel i have been ripped off several times..and no i didnt get my money back either! I have also had cards sold out from under me (Penny cards that i PC) that i was not to happy about..i can honestly see it from both sides of the spectrum here which is why i am being honest and not making excuses...I feel better getting the extra money and selling to a Rodman collector who i fealt will really enjoy these cards.Once again i am sorry to whoever frowns upon my choice of judgement on this one
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