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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
I even told pennyfan1 that his reputation will be tarnished like army guy or whatever his name was. I just can't believe people here are bringing up the 'value' as justification?!

If $25 means THAT much, maybe you shouldn' t be collecting cards in this hobby? Or maybe sell some of your PC if you have to? Don't make excuses to try to save face here...
this speaks for itself..sometimes you just have to be understanding and count your loses which is nothing but a deal we had in place.Dealing with you in the past is why i messaged you back asking for your blessing to sell these to the rodman collector instead and refunding your money..thinking you would be cool about the situation,not only did you message me back but you tell me to put him in touch with you..i seen this as a slap to the face honestly,you basically told me you would flip them out from under me after i asked for your blessing and told you about the situation.This is the main reason why i decided it was better to just sell them to the Rodman collector.And you insist i am a "kid" ?
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