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I'll put my early vote in for July and August case breaks.

July- 2012 Panini Prestige. I heard on Carboard Connections radio, Tracy Hackler, the Panini rep, that they delayed the product for good reason being Panini was the exclusive NFL Draft Day Maunfacturer and they were putting in the draft day jersey and hat into the Prestige product this year. Although it doesn't say that anywhere that I could see. Could see a run up in price? Plus with 4 hits per box times 12 boxes with a decent price of around 1150, seems like an early winner. Luck and RG3 both have auto's in this product.

August- 2012. Topps Finest. 2 Cases(16 boxes) for around 1500 doesn't seem to shabby for 32 hits total. Luck and RG3 both also have auot's in this product.

I know it's early, but thought I would chime in. RG3's cards are through the roof!
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