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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Are you some sort of ref tard?

I bet you support people sniffing and stealing other peoples BIN as well right?

I consider this a lowball move. If you had a deal in place then its a done deal. The fact that paul already paid just confirms that deal that much further.

You keep saying you wanted it to go to a rodman collector? Yet you had no qualms about making a few bucks after you had sold the card already? Id rather save face and sell it to your first deal. The fact that you were willing to screw over paul over $20 is pretty lame. You have no issues droping coin on penny cards, but willing to stiff paul over $20. Really?
i admit i am/was in the wrong...i did not like the way i was spoken to so i decided to bite the bullet on this one and do the immoral thing,I do not nor have ever done this before but just fealt like i had to make a stand this time.Pass judgement if you must,my feelings will not be hurt
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