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Originally Posted by penny1fan View Post
negative feedback was left for me,so mods please close this whoever chooses to ignore me than please feel free to do so now.The issue is resolved here.MODS PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD,Thanks everybody

sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some Pauly D but this time i decided to do what i fealt was honestly right and sell them to the Rodman Collector.Once again i am sorry it didnt work out for you this time,while saying that at the end of the day i think i made the right decision.The way you speak to fellow traders / sellers / buyers just might be more influencial than you think..someone may decide to do the immoral thing like myself choose to do this particular time.I apologize to anyone who i may have offended or disagree's with me on this one.

Aaron (penny1fan)
I've dealt with penny a couple times on a different forum, gave me a good deal and was a joy to do business with and i would recommend him to anyone. Bottom line is we all make mistakes. Even if 9 out of 10 people think what he did was wrong, he could be that 1 that honestly thought he was doing the right thing. Unless something like this happens again, I think the public bashing should come to a close. He got a negative and apologized, lets leave it at that!
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