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Originally Posted by penny1fan View Post
i admit i am/was in the wrong...i did not like the way i was spoken to so i decided to bite the bullet on this one and do the immoral thing,I do not nor have ever done this before but just fealt like i had to make a stand this time.Pass judgement if you must,my feelings will not be hurt
Yea, but thats after the fact. He spoke to you in a negative way after you re negged on a deal. I would do to. It was be upsetting to know that you just hammered out a deal, paid in full only to hear back that you are going to refund because someone else poked a better offer. Who wouldnt be upset at that. So him being direct doesnt count.

It doesnt matter if you havent done this before. The important question is, will you do it again? In my opinion probably. I mean if you are willing to do it now and have no remorse or issue making it right, odds are youll do it to me if we score a deal.

We're not talking about hurt feelings. This is a straight up transaction. Its either wrong or right. You were wrong in this case to steal his money. Yes I consider it theft, because he paid for specific cards. You did not live up to your part of the agreement. Refunding him does not make it all good after you admitted to taking him for a ride for a few extra bucks.

Like I said before, over $20? If you really say its because you needed the money, you could easily sell your PC.

As for being bilked $500 last week. So bascially someone wronged you last week. So this this week you go out and serve a wronging to someone else? Those are bad morals.
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