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Originally Posted by ckeer View Post
Definition of honest

Free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.

1. Your PM hides none of your greed. "The $90 obviously is a better price for me" and you chose to justify your actions "selling them to the Rodman collector and not a flipper" & "know the feeling to want a card (s) really bad and not have to get inflated prices by flippers.

2. Retaliatory feedback left for no reason at all. Would you be pissed off if your imaginary purchased of PMG Penny was suddenly not yours anymore because someone else collects Penny and offered more money while you already paid up?
trust me it has happened to me before man i got torched/jerked around a few times on a few once in a near lifetime Penny cards,and it did upset me no doubt! im not saying Paul shouldnt be upset here and i accept what i did was wrong this time.I have my reasons to why i chose to do what it is that i did and the $25 isnt the entire reason.
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