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Originally Posted by kbeast89 View Post
I've dealt with penny a couple times on a different forum, gave me a good deal and was a joy to do business with and i would recommend him to anyone. Bottom line is we all make mistakes. Even if 9 out of 10 people think what he did was wrong, he could be that 1 that honestly thought he was doing the right thing. Unless something like this happens again, I think the public bashing should come to a close. He got a negative and apologized, lets leave it at that!
So essentially what you are saying is its ok to lie cheat and steal so as long as you are a good guy and becuase we all make mistakes, we should let it go.

Fine. ill agree with you. That guy that took penny for $500 is a good guy. He made a mistake. But its all good now right? lol

There is a huge difference between a mistake and purposely doing something. This was no mistake. He purposely resold a card to make a buck. Thats not a mistake. Thats a tarnish on a dirty character.
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