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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
Where is the mistake?

Paul offers a price
Penny accepts a price
Paul pays via paypal


Penny should ship the card out.

Penny doesnt ship the card out and sells it to a another member for more money.

Penny then admits he sold it for more money and has no remorse.

Where is the mistake on the part of penny? If its a mistake, there is remorse and an oppurtunity to fix it. NONE of which are present by penny.

So explain to me what the mistake was? and how it will be fixed?

Knowing exactly what you are doing is not a mistake. Its not neglegance either. Its pre meditated. Therefore its a judgement of character. Especially when he admits to knowingly screw someone over and has no remorse for it.

Exactly, there is NO remorse.

This is from one of his PMs to me: "they are my cards and i should be able to do whatever it is i choose so to do with them"

The point is, if he did this once ... he will likely do it again. But some people are ok with brushing it under the rug?
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