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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
What good is buying a card from you if you're not going to deliver. For all I know you will take my money...hold it and suddenly refund me if someone offers you more?

Maybe selling here is not a good idea bud. Take it to ebay where you CAN sell it to the highest offer via auction and not offer.
never had a problem with you bud but that is judgement,at the time if you decide to purchase something i post for sale i will gladly sell to you if you wanna take that chance.My word is no longer worth much on this board but can assure you there will be no issues.the next batch of items i will post for sale will be priced even lower than i typically ask to gain some of your trust back,I will make this right with the community but i will not make this right with Paul,this could have been dealt with a different way.

everyone feel free to accept my appology or not,if i have changed the way some of you think of me or how i do business because of this incident i apologize
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