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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
I have nothing against you. I just question your judgement of wrong doing over something so small to tarnish your reputation.

Just have one question for you. If I ripped you off for $$$, came in here and said sorry "wont happen again", would you be okay with it. More importantly would you be okay that I kept the money as well>?
i never kept paul's money he was refunded as soon as i got back online,I never stole from nobody as a few members suggested..that is silly some of you may see it that way but i do not.

i do understand people make mistakes and sometimes they make the wrong decision for whatever reason they may have.Life is full of mistakes and obstacles its how you choose to deal with them and grow from them.I am a very understanding person so aslong as you didnt steal from me i would give you a second chance yes! without hesitation
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