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Originally Posted by penny1fan View Post
i owe you nothing,move on i think the $25 means much more to you than it does me! it is starting to appear so.go piss in the could have dealt with this a different way but you couldnt wait to rally up the troops! i have been on this particular board long enough to know the majority of you loves to get your kicks on someone who may appear to be helpless,well im not Pauly D so keep it comming if you must.Grow up and move on
You owe me the original cards, but since you sold them to profit, you agreed with others here that sending me the $25 you made would be an acceptable solution.

I dealt with this the way anyone would have, you didn't care. And now you are trying to play this sympathy card for some weird reason, like you don't deserve the negativity you're getting?

Also, stop calling me Pauly D (?!)
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