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Originally Posted by JWMcComas View Post
ok whew! cause i (like yourself) wouldnt have backed out. At the same time i would not have been abused for any reason either(as has been suggested by penny)...i guess its naive of me but i think of this as a community for a fun hobby and thus i am more likely to say something along the lines of "ok that sucks but you know long as you make right with me on the next one...i understand". again...may be naive but honestly i think id rather be that than this angry over cards...cause i like the hobby and all this back and forth is kinda ugly (no offense intended as i know my opinions are my own...surely OP is UBER pissed and i totally get that)
It is supposed to be fun. Some people are in it for the money, but whatever. The point of the thread is this hobby cannot and will not be fun if we have to put up with dishonesty, lack of integrity, thievery, etc. If you just chalk it up as people being people, at some point, you're going to get really trampled on.

If everyone stuck to their word, was honest, and treated people with respect, this would all be a lot more fun. Backing out on deals is a major part of the problem. The backlash is justified and is part of the solution IMO.
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