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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
The point of this thread was not to bash him, it was to bring light to the situation and warn other collectors, which is a GOOD thing for the hobby. It's obvious this guy has no remorse, is just making sympathetic responses and trying to sneak by, so that he can do this again in the future.

He started trying to defend his reasons, which were all irrational and jumbled. That's why it turned into a big ordeal.

Plus the fact that he is STILL not willing to offer a solution, even though he suggested that sending me the $25 would be a good solution.

It's good for the hobby to weed out these guys, and the one guy here who is defending him is obviously one of his buddies, who likely would do the same. There are TONS of great members here, and we know each other in the community. Why would we want a guy like pennyfan1 here after he does some crap like this with no true remorse?!
this is how all of the mobbing/bashing threads start though right? just wanting to warn others and shed some light on this outlandish crazy scumbag thief! isnt that what the whole feedback thing is for
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