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Originally Posted by cruiserdaddy7 View Post
As with ArmyATC this penny1fan should be banned but unfortunately the precedent has been set around here. There is no punishment for this behavior. Buyer pays for the item and the seller admittedly and without care sells them to someone else AFTER they are paid? What a joke. Who cares if the seller refunded. Who cares if buyer wasnt ripped off. Its the WORD and INTEGRITY of the member that becomes a BIG question mark in my book. penny1fan flat out has proven he is a liar and his word is no good. Why continue to carry a member on here that cannot be trusted? Just my opinion...
liar? a liar would have came up with a lame excuse such as "my dog ate them" refund is on the way..or just let him wait a month and pretend they got lost in the mail?no because i DO have INTEGRITY i was HONEST and am taking it head on.. SMH
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