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Originally Posted by gamboooler View Post
Probably not larceny as Paul never had possession of the goods. But he definitely was owed delivery. Seems more like conversion than theft or larceny. Not my strongest area, though.
But, I never asked for my payment to be refunded. The payment was only refunded on account of the item being stolen. At the point we made the deal and I paid, it became my property but in his possession. Then he sold my property.

But I'm not concerned with the legalities, just the moralities.

And this guy STILL, after 6 pages, is showing no *TRUE* remorse. He is doing nothing to make it right with me, just saying "ILL MAKE IT GOOD WITH EVERYONE ELSE FROM NOW ON BY SELLING MY CARDS CHEAPER THAN EBAY TO YOU ON HERE!"

And that shows he will likely rip someone off again like this, quite possibly even worse!
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