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Originally Posted by volblorx8634 View Post
I tried finding the quote (I can't find it in the huge thread), but what I don't get is if you (penny) are willing to put your next batch of cards up for sale at huge discounts earn back everyone's trust, why not just give paul his money instead? You're gonna lose some money by selling your cards at discounts; shouldn't you just send him his $25 instead, and take a step towards making things right? What's the difference? It just doesn't make sense. Do what you can to make it right. Selling your cards cheaper will "lose you money" anyway, so just make everything easier and lost that money to Paul instead.

Because he doesn't plan on doing that. He's just trying to cool the fire and hope that he can sneak by without much tarnish on his reputation. He wants this to be dead. I'm sure he doesn't actually plan to list his cards cheap, just a lame attempt to weasel out less damaged from what he's caused here.
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