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OP trust me i in no way shape or form agree with how it was handled...i personally would have done things in a vastly different way. the only thing i am saying is that at the end of the day...i dont know if you wanted this thread to go this far down this path (again i tend to believe the better of people until proven wrong) but man...the snowball has gotten huge lol....i guess i just dont see the reason for the amount of anger most people here have shown when, in my experience, most things can be worked out in a calm manner. not to say what you did was wrong in any way...just i have to wonder if it could have been avoided had you BOTH not gotten SUUUUUUPER pissed at each other (warranted or not). the other members here may flame...but i am actually thankful that im not this angry about my hobby of anyone for any reason. i got back into cards as a way to have something for my unborn son....and id hate for him to have to deal with what the OP has had to go the same time, i would hope he would be able to manage the issue in a way that didnt destroy someone either....just my dos centavos. sorry guys!
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