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Default 6 boxes of Upper Deck Avengers Assemble

Broke 6 more single (not a sealed mini case) boxes of Upper Deck Avengers Assemble today and they were terrific fun- wish that I could find more of this stuff but the price that D and A is charging for them is just too high to justify now. Here are the main pulls:


The Hawkeye single is a very cool piece and to get the ScarJo dual was really nice even though it is a spare for me- it will make good trade or sell bait

I needed one of the triples and the quad for my set so that was awesome to knock those off the list!

Printing Plates:

Original comic panel from Avengers #1

serial numbered 59/84


if I couldn't get Thor himself this was the one I wanted next....would have also been happy with Dennings or Smulders.

Sketches: (please help with characters/artists/corrections)

Giant Man by George Deep

Hulk by Wes Huffor

Giant Man by Eugene Commodore

? by ?

Stingray by Frankie B. Washington likely part of a puzzle

Captain America by Adriana Melo

4 sketch puzzle of The Lethal Legion by Frankie B. Washington- my first ever puzzle sketch pull

here is what I still need for costumes- I am willing to buy or to trade:

AS7 Fury

AD2 Hammer/Stark incoming blowout deal
AD6 Black Widow/Fury
AD14 Fury/Coulson
AD24 Hawkeye/Cap
AD25 Hawkeye/Loki incoming ebay

AT5 Cap/Rogers/Cap
AT6 Cap/Thor/Banner incoming blowout deal

AQ2 Cap/Thor/Stark/Hawkeye
AQ3 Hawkeye/Fury/Stark/Romanov

have paypal ready to go.....or lots to trade.

thanks for the look!

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