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Originally Posted by gergs1134 View Post
While I agree that this was a fun break with a variety of nice hits for many teams. I have to imagine there are many that were not as excited as the ones that did well and would likely drop if this went to strictly high end. Don't get me wrong, I am all for it, but it would take a minimum of 16 owners willing to contribute about $150/team/month to make it realistic. I just don't see us getting to that point. I have been wrong before though
Originally Posted by mgugs46 View Post
That's true, but there is nothing that says we have to break every month. I mean, personally I'd rather skip a month and be able to break more products like this.
I would be down for either scenario discussed.... I wouldn't mind skip a month here and there to do better product or if people dropped and we were at 15 or 16 teams that would be fine as well.

Personally I rather get nothing with a chance of getting a nice card rather then get a stack of base with a chance of getting a $5 Auto (i.e. Topps, Topps Heritage, Gypsy Queen etc)
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