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Originally Posted by hanes1111 View Post
any scott weiland?
sorry, no. he is one of the biggest a-holes ive ever met. when I was attempting to get his autograph after a show, there was a kid maybe aroun 12-13 asking for his autograph. the kid was super excited talking about how much he loved velvet revolver before we saw scott. anyway, the kid went up to him first and asked "scott, can you sign this to josh, i'm a big fan, you are my hero" (trust me scott weiland should be no ones hero lol) scot said "sure!". now at this point we all thought, wow, hes actually going to sign. he takes the kids cd, signs "to josh" give it back to the kid, throws the marker on the ground and gets on the bus! he didnt even autograph it, just signed "to josh".

anywho, make offers on everything guys.
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