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Default Game of Thrones single box

I was pretty excited about this set... I split the packs with my wife to see if i could get her into breaking, she seemed okay with it, she opened one of the autos and got pretty excited about it.

Couple questions. How often do the shadowbox cards drop? I looked at a case break... 1 per 2 boxes? Also the bordered vs full bleed autos, what's the deal there? Is there going to be a difference in price for either of those?

You Win or You Die

H2 - Stark
H9 - Greyjoy

(these are really nice looking cards. The mat finish with the glossy lines, very classy)

(another gorgeous looking card. I love the Esseros map in the background)

Jack Gleeson aka Joffery aka a kid from Batman Begins
Maisie Williams aka Arya

Pretty excited about those two autos, not the big ones, but important characters. Kind of weird being excited about getting a 14 year old's autograph though.

I have a few extra base and I'd be interested in completing the insert sets if anyone can help me out.
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