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Originally Posted by dirtydistance View Post
Thanks...I'm thinking about sending in a few high value Sp authentic rookies taht are unique to the site..(Calvin, Matt Ryan, McFadden, Ray Rice among others)..

Is this a good idea, will I get the most for them on COMC?

I also own a Rodgers but want straight up cash on him...the cash out fees would kill me on that card
everything to COMC for me but PC stuff. Just don't send in items where there are a lot unless its a hot player. If you have one of the only ones on the market anywhere, you can set the bar for pricing. The advantage of offers is that you can try to really guage a price point, of course you have the guys that will only offer 50% no matter what (I may be guiltly of that sometimes but I try to make a fair offers when I'm in a buying mood)

Right now you are looking at .12 a year for storage per card if they don't sell right away. Getting that exposure is much better than sitting at home with them or wasting time listing and relisting on ebay and dealing with the buyers there.

Amazon seems to help a little. I opted in for amazon sales and have moved around 6-10 cards since they opened that up.

I have a few hundred cards in front of me right now that are going out to them in the next few days.

as far as the rodgers go, try selling here or ebay if you don't want to deal w/comc on it. you can always just reuse/recycle the money to avoid cash out fees and get other items you want.
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