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Originally Posted by trubear View Post
Mike just informed me that I am the new owner of the Reds. I am from Wisc. and am a big time Brewer fan in BB and this 2will surprise a few I am a Big Time Bear fan in football. It will be great to get to know all you fine people in the next few months. mikw also let me now of possible changes to the club and asked for my opinion I am all for not breaking low end product. I am in favor of increasing the monthly dues so we can break higher end product monthly. If the club decides to stay at the current dues and skip a month here and there I will go along with that decision. Also would like to make one suggestion. Once a year it would be great to hold a random draft so the lower end teams have a chance to get a team like the Yanks/Braves/Red Sox/Dodgers. again it is nice to meet you all.

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