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Originally Posted by Cubs_rock21 View Post
Damn i just had a large lot of football, i wish I saw your OCD collection haha jk

Get pumped!
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I have seen that, but I am pretty selective in what I purchase. If it was encased like the 2010, I would be all over it.

Originally Posted by pryorfan2 View Post
Nice buckeye bball cards! I think im going to send you that Staubach that I pm'd you about a few months back.
Would be appreciated, a nice add to the PC.

Originally Posted by cking View Post
How in the world to you find all these with that exact number. Its basically like trying to find a 1/1 if you think about it. I have been looking for a Mark Sanchez 2010 Topps Chrome red refractor for 2 years now and cant find one and theres 25 copies of that one.
Lots and lots of searching. When I was truly focused on SPx it was even crazier, even though I have branched out a bit, I am still pretty selective in what I purchase or trade for.

What is worst is when you find one and can't acquire it. Unfortunately, I have found a couple that I don't own, as I can't pry from the owner's hands. Even with crazy offers. But, it is their card, and I guess I can't have them all.

I will have to remember the Sanchez. Thanks for checking it out.
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