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Default Indy's Comic Pick: Fantastic Four #52

Here's why. It's the first appearance of Black Panther. Has potential to rise in value should they make a Black Panther movie, and the rumors are that might just happen.

Will Black Panther Be The Next Marvel Superhero To Get His Own Movie?
The previously released Marvel films are filled with Easter Eggs hinting at a larger cinematic universe that includes more than just Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America, but my favorite among them comes from the end of Iron Man 2. Featured in the scene where Tony Stark is meeting with Nick Fury about the Avengers Initiative, if you look at the monitors surrounding the two characters you can spot a world map with a bunch of points on it. One of the those points was located in Africa, and many took it to be a hint at Wakanda, the secret homeland of the Black Panther. Since then there has been a lot of speculation as to what the Easter Egg meant - whether it was just something stuck in to the scene as fun for fans or a hint at a future solo movie. Now it's looking like the answer may be the latter.

The book can be picked up now in VG condition for around $30-$40 up to Fine/VF for $80-$100.. NM/M copies are outrageous in price, but can occasionally be found at good prices. That's your goal, find the best copy possible for the best price.
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