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I have wondered with the changes to grading and oval spines.
Oval, back in the day, neat the book had not been handled or read for the most part and a book with an oval spine would bring a premium

Is this still the case ?
I have 31 copies of batman 497
All are untouched 3 have oval spines. I debated on getting 10-11 of them graded but unless I am getting 9.8-10 it wouldn't warrant the time and cost.
With there being only 2 copies graded 10 out there I am more hesitant to even consider grading
Back in the 90's I would buy 10 book lots from Titan out of Atlanta. They were bagged in lot bags, Comic bags that are wider. They were always good to me.
So,oval spine,better or no difference in todays market ?
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