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Talking Holy Retail Find!:07/08 Topps/Bowman Chrome, 08/09 Topps Chrome/Treasury *LIVE BREAK*

So I took my mom in to get surgery on her knee this morning (it went fine, she's back home recuperating). While killing time, I stopped at a nearby K-Mart that I hadn't been to in years. I was amazed at what I found. Not only did they have current stuff (garbage), but I found some of my favorite products, from some great past years! I had to control myself and leave some product there, but I got some good stuff.

All told, I got 4 blisters packs of 07/08 Topps Chrome, 2 blisters of 07/08 Bowman Draft, 1 blaster of 08/09 Topps Treasury and 1 blaster of 08/09 Topps Chrome (the latter 2 being probably 2 of my fav. bkb products of all time).

The good:

-The blister packs only cost $1.49!

The really good:
- The Topps Chrome blaster only cost $9.99 (oh Yes)...the Treasury was the regular $19.99

The bad:

-The Topps chrome doesn't seem to have any Topps logo on the wrapping and is partially opened in 1 spot, so I'm scared it may be resealed (but for $10, I'll take the risk)

Anyone interested in seeing a live break of something slightly different than Panini banality?

Not expecting anything earth shattering...just happy to open some old favorites!

Will start in a few minutes, with the 07/08.
Mostly gone.
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