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Default Past and Present box break

Was pissed off about something earlier so I broke down and bought a box, I normally only do Football, this was my first basketball box, here's what I got

2011 Auto XRCDD Redemption ***SOLD***
Avery Johnson Auto ***SOLD***
Brad Davis auto
Amare Stoudemire Jersey
Damion James Jersey

then a ton of inserts, got 2 Lin inserts and a Lebron among others

What pisses me off about these redemptions is that they didn't put actualy players attached to them, I've wanted to buy a Derrick Williams one since this came out but I obviously can't. Don't know if it's worth redeeming this hoping to get him, odds can't be good.

All I know is that Limited better have players attached or I'm going to flip out, I want to buy a bunch of his redemptions. He brought Arizona basketball back to what it should have been and laid the foundation for Miller to build upon, I'm a big big fan.
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